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NFP awareness week

I have been toying around with the idea of writing a post about a relatively new development in this journey of marriage my husband and I have entered, but being that it is new, I didn't quite feel like I have to authority with which to write about it. However, upon realizing that we are about to head into NFP awareness week, I figured it was time. We have just started learning the marequette method of natural family planning (NFP) and already the learning and growing has been incredible. Both for me personally and for us as a couple.  Prior to marriage, while we did do some marriage prep, and even had a sponsor couple (a couple that's been married for a while and active in the church) who we met with several times, we did not learn NFP. I was certainly interested, but my husband and I were both of the stance that we'll just leave it totally up to God. Plus, our sponsor couple only had an out dated hand out from the 90's to share, since they personally had never used NF