Giving birth to poetry: writings rediscovered

 My 8 month old daughter is almost walking and because of this I find books constantly being ripped from the bookshelf and anything on any table or shelf of her height is propelled to the floor as victims of her conquests( and her favorite place to get down and explore is our local library ... ) 

So, the other day, as I was picking up books for the millionth time, I was surprised by a poem I had written about month after the birth of my son as it fell out of the pages of some book. I had completely forgotten about it. I am always surprised when I find things I've written and cannot remember them, except maybe vaguely. 

There's not much to it, but I figured it was worth sharing at least. 

Completely full
every muscle fiber
For life brand-new.

Feel without fear
push- release 
receive this beautiful gift
from within.

Completely empty
every fiber -muscles
need filling 

With holiness
receive the gift from above.

So, that was a poem on giving birth, I guess . I suppose I thought after reading this " I am often inspired by the ordinary things, like cleaning up messes, melting cats, reading books, drinking coffee, and giving birth - because while seemingly ordinary ( I mean, these things are happening everyday, all the time) they are also deeply profound in that, at the heart of all this, is living."

And then when I flipped the page over as I was working on typing this up, I found this.

It's not dated, but I imagine it was written around the same time. 

And now I'm startled all over again. 


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