This is the Story of a Girl

 Sometimes I get ambitious and borrow too many books at once. Sometimes, I end up returning them before finishing or...starting them.

I am hoping now is not one of those times.(although, I'm taking the time to write this instead of read... so time will tell) 

Aside from the few simple just for fun books I'm sure to finish with ease, I have also borrowed The Story of a Soul by Saint Therese of Lisieux and The Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton. I really desire to read both, but they will take more time and thought than the other rather mindless books.

I realized recently, that I have gotten in the habit of reading an autobiography or memoir here and there, because there is something really enriching about reading the lives of others. It doesn't matter if it's the life of a monk or saint(though, I do imagine there is much more to be gleaned from these), or a journalist with questionable morals - something can always be learned. And if nothing else, we may learn a lot about what not do in this life.

Truth can be found in the ordinary and mundane of each life, if we choose to look for it. I'm thinking that is why I'm reading. And writing. Perhaps by sharing the less than profound and rather ordinary bits of thought and writings I have about this life, I'm helping someone find truth. At least, I suppose, that ought to be my goal. In sharing my meager stories, I hope I can contribute to the bigger story of humanity and salvation in some small way.

The truth is, everyone has a story to share and a way to share it. What's more, we all have the ability to truly listen and hear the stories of those around us.

That may mean listening as an aging relative seems to rattle on about everything, or perhaps attempting to follow the excited story of a young child about something quite silly. It maybe that they have some wisdom to share, or perhaps the lesson is simply for us to be patient, to humble ourselves.

So share your story. And maybe, try to listen for truth when others are sharing their story with you. 


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