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Birth story #2

 My little lady is almost a year old. And, while I wrote down the bare bones of her birth story in snippets in the days and weeks after she she was born, I am just now finding the time (and the notebook I originally wrote it in..) to type it up.  It's crazy how time flies sometimes. I can surely still remember it all like it was yesterday, and yet here we are almost a year later.  It was just a couple days before my due date and this time around I was soo very ready to give birth. I was DONE being pregnant and nursing a toddler and I wanted something to change. Since weaning wasn't happening(more on that in a different post..), I obviously figured that the change needed to be giving birth. And while this certainly did usher in change, it took many more months and other catalyst to point me in the direction of the real change I was looking for.  I digress.  Point being, I was done being pregnant and ready to meet by daughter.  This is me, just four days before(wearing my perpetu


 Sometimes I read the news. Usually, I regret it. Here lately I've been finding myself distracted and caught up in the news of the day. Something I rarely ever used to do. It started innocently enough... Back in March and April places were shutting down and plans had to be changed accordingly, I needed to know if we could go here or there and what the rules and stipulations were. But as with most things that begin this way, it became more of a daily habit of checking the local, and then national news.  Add to this our election year and I was trapped in the Web.   But, alas, the world's news is not the gospel. In fact, more and more, it would seem it isn't even rooted in the truth. It isn't about giving the facts and happenings, it's all about pushing one agenda or another and polarizing and dividing. Perhaps it's always been such, and it's merely a perspective shift for me.. Or I've spent too much time lately scrolling through the trash of it, as a momen