Sometimes I read the news. Usually, I regret it.

Here lately I've been finding myself distracted and caught up in the news of the day. Something I rarely ever used to do. It started innocently enough... Back in March and April places were shutting down and plans had to be changed accordingly, I needed to know if we could go here or there and what the rules and stipulations were. But as with most things that begin this way, it became more of a daily habit of checking the local, and then national news. 

Add to this our election year and I was trapped in the Web. 

 But, alas, the world's news is not the gospel. In fact, more and more, it would seem it isn't even rooted in the truth. It isn't about giving the facts and happenings, it's all about pushing one agenda or another and polarizing and dividing. Perhaps it's always been such, and it's merely a perspective shift for me.. Or I've spent too much time lately scrolling through the trash of it, as a momentary distraction, looking for ..truth. 

And it's in making that realization that I find why I dislike the news and why, even after reading or scrolling and watching, I'm dissatisfied. What I'm really doing is distracting myself from what I really seek.  The truth simply won't be found in the mainstream media. The real truth, the facts I am after, are only going to be found in gospel. In the good book, and in the people who are rooted in it. 

I have four or five  posts that I started (over the last few months), and haven't finished or added much to for posting. Though I claim some of my distraction, and failure to write is because of the littles I have running around, the truth is that I've let other outlets steal my time. The littles do take a lot of time, no doubt- but the failure to seek truth and spread it, lies largely in the news and and Web scrolling I've been doing. 

Earthly kingdoms will pass away. But the truth of the gospel will not. So, I'm asking myself why am I wasting time watching Earthly kingdoms crumble and man falling pray to the Devils deception? I could be reading from the real source, and praying for the conversion of a nation ill with something far more terrifying and demoralizing than a virus. 


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