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Were you there?

 A couple years ago, while working with the youth at our parish, I wrote a poem as part of the stations of the cross "gallery" we had the kids help create. Basically, everyone picked a station (some stations had double entries so that everyone could participate), and then they created an artistic representation of that station. It turned out really interesting and is something that really helped draw at least some of them into the stations. I know it brought them to life for me.  As part of the same display my husband made this cross (hanging on our wall this lent) as his first real wood burning project!  Honestly, until that year it had probably been since something like 4th grade that I was actually involved in anything quite like it; and at least that long since I'd engaged with the stations.  In case you are unfamiliar with the stations of the cross, it's basically an in depth meditation( with images, scripture and prayers)  on Christ's journey from being arre