This little light of mine

I am creating this blog against my better judgment, I suppose. I have been told for much of my life, by various people, that I am good writer. (Although with two kiddos under two, it's been a while since I've exercised these writing muscles for more than list making). However, like with my baking,  I've never felt the need to "enter it in the fair" that is online blogging. I guess I have been content to just enjoy writing for the sake of it and mostly keep it to myself. 

Recently, though, I started doing some soul searching and taking an online class about the charisms  of the holy spirit and I came across some quotes that really stopped me and forced me to take a look at what I'm doing and why, all over again. When confronted with this statement, from Fruitful Discipleship by Sherry Weddell, " if you think you may have the charism of writing, the only way to find out is to put your writing out there where other people can read it. Writing in code...and storing in an encrypted file is not going to get you where you want to go" I was immediately reminded of the children's song "this little light of mine." I don't want to be hiding my gifts, whatever they may be, under a bushel; I do want to live the life I'm called to live and use the gifts I've been given to spread the kingdom. 

I still have my doubts, though. It may be that writing is not actually a gift and calling I posses. Or perhaps blogging isn't the format for me..Mainly, I question, "there are so many Catholic mom blogs already, do we seriously need another?" But here I am publishing this thing and taking a leap into unknown waters.

 I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to write about, but I'm hoping the holy spirit might help me out on this. I figure if I was meant to do this, if it's really important, I will be inspired to share and write whatever will help others. 


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